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Cuba: Letter to Obama (2015)

Posted on Apr 12 by

Letter to Obama Dear President Obama: April 11, 2015 I watched with great interest your televised statement in Panama City and applaud your expressed intentions to normalize...


Bolton/Negroponte: Credibility Gap (2005)

Posted on Apr 4 by

Credibility Gap? More Like an Abyss With the nomination of John D. Negroponte to head the newly restructured intelligence system and the rather startling choice of the...


Weapons of Mass Destruction (2003)

Posted on Apr 4 by

Ex-CIA Analysts on the Pretext for War WMD: Where? Find? Plant? Weapons of Mass Destruction by DAVID MacMICHAEL And RAY McGOVERN The Bush administration’s refusal to allow UN...


Inslaw Case:Death Danny Casolaro (1991)

Posted on Apr 4 by

  THE MYSTERIOUS DEATH OF DANNY CASOLARO by David MacMichael Pre-Octopus Danny Casolaro The following article appeared in the Winter 1991 issue of “Covert Action...