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Letter to the Editor N.Va. Daily (May 2015)

Posted on May 20 by

Dear Editor: I write to comment on the Linda Chavez article, “Decisions show pope is leaning left”, in your May 16 edition. Ms. Chavez is most unhappy with Pope Francis for signing a treaty that recognizes the state of Palestine. He has thus, in her words”legitimated the terrorists who govern Gaza and the corrupt Palestinian Authority that rules the West Bank.” However, she devotes most of her column to denouncing Francis’ for his “overtures to…radical priests in the Latin American Liberation Theology movement.” In doing so she focuses on his restoration to the priesthood of Nicaraguan Maryknoll priest Miguel d’Escoto Brockmann. She describes Father d’Escoto, who during the 1980s served as foreign minister of Nicaragua under the Sandinista government, as one “who shows no remorse for his past distortions of the Christian gospel to endorse redistribution of wealth at the point of a gun.” This is a gross misstatement, whether as a statement of his personal views or a representation of the economic reform policies of the government he served. Before going further, I should make clear that I...


Cuba: Letter to Obama (2015)

Posted on Apr 12 by

Letter to Obama Dear President Obama: April 11, 2015 I watched with great interest your televised statement in Panama City and applaud your expressed intentions to normalize United States relations with Cuba, including re- opening the United States embassy in Havana and ending US economic sanctions against Cuba after a period of unspecified negotiations. This is all long overdue, and I applaud your initiative. It was of great interest to me that this move toward rapprochement took place at a meeting of all the nations of the western hemisphere in Panama City, the capital of the Republic of Panama. I am also interested, but not surprised, that you did not choose to mention that just a little over 25 years ago, in December 1985, the United States launched a military invasion of Panama–Operation Just Cause. This was ostensibly because a member of the Panamanian army had killed a US service member and assaulted his wife. The Panamanian government was overthrown, but the cost of heavy American bombing was massive destruction of property, severe damage to the local economy, and...


Bolton/Negroponte: Credibility Gap (2005)

Posted on Apr 4 by

Credibility Gap? More Like an Abyss With the nomination of John D. Negroponte to head the newly restructured intelligence system and the rather startling choice of the controversial and confrontational John Bolton as ambassador to the UN, Bush continues to show much less concern for world public opinion or credibility than for personal loyalty and a hard-right ideology. Incredibly, just as President Bush begins his second term with a real need to restore U.S. international standing, he chose John D. Negroponte to head the newly restructured intelligence system. Negroponte, based on the record of his 40-plus years in the State Department, has no credibility at all. With this nomination and the rather startling choice of the controversial and confrontational John Bolton as ambassador to the UN, and Paul Wolfowitz to head the World Bank, Bush continues to show much less concern for world public opinion or credibility than for personal loyalty and a hard-right ideology in his appointments to key foreign policy positions. Negroponte, who spent the past nine months as ambassador to Iraq, started earning his reputation as...


Weapons of Mass Destruction (2003)

Posted on Apr 4 by

Ex-CIA Analysts on the Pretext for War WMD: Where? Find? Plant? Weapons of Mass Destruction by DAVID MacMICHAEL And RAY McGOVERN The Bush administration’s refusal to allow UN inspectors to join the hunt for weapons of mass destruction in US-occupied Iraq has elicited high interest in foreign news media. The most widely accepted interpretation is that the US is well aware that evidence regarding the existence and location of such weapons is “shaky” (the adjective now favored by UN chief weapons inspector Hans Blix), and that the last thing the Pentagon wants is to have Blix’ inspectors looking over the shoulders of US forces as they continue their daunting quest. Administration leaders will not soon forgive Blix or Mohamed ElBaradei, Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency, for exposing to ridicule the two main pieces of “evidence” adduced by Washington late last year to support its contention that Iraq had reconstituted its nuclear weapons development program: (1) the forged documents purporting to show that Iraq was trying to obtain uranium from Niger, and (2) the high strength aluminum...


Inslaw Case:Death Danny Casolaro (1991)

Posted on Apr 4 by

  THE MYSTERIOUS DEATH OF DANNY CASOLARO by David MacMichael Pre-Octopus Danny Casolaro The following article appeared in the Winter 1991 issue of “Covert Action Information Bulletin,” #39, pps. 53-57. The author can be reached through the Association of National Security Alumni at +1-202-483-9325. In a recent telephone conversation the author identified the other FBI agent who was to have met with Casolaro the day he died as one Ted Gunderson. We discussed the possible relationship between the Casolaro case and the death threats received by Judge Col. Hamilton Gayden and attorney Albro Lundy III shortly after they were contacted by Casolaro with regard to the POW/MIA issue in the weeks prior to Casolaro’s death. MacMichael speculated that the connection was, “drugs” i.e. southeast asian heroin used in support of the Company’s black operations. –[email protected] David MacMicheal is a former CIA estimates officer. He is the Washington representative of the Association of National Security Alumni, and editor of its monthly newsletter, “Unclassified.” Joseph Daniel Casolaro was one of many freelance investigative reporters stirring the witches brew of scandal simmering...


Agreement Nuclear Talks Washington-Teheran (2015)

Posted on Apr 4 by

AFTER LAUSANNE by David MacMichael, April 3, 2015 Since 2006, due to concerns expressed by a number of states about the possibility that Iran might have secretly been using its civilian nuclear energy program to develop nuclear weapons, or, at least, the capability to produce them–which Iran denied– the United Nations authorized member states to apply economic sanctions against the Islamic Republic.  Iran was required to hold meetings with representatives of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council (the United States, England, France, Russia, and China) and Germany (the P5+1) to determine the truth of the matter. Germany was included because it has been for some years the largest provider of nuclear-related equipment and technical assistance to Iran. With a deadline of April 1 of this year for the parties to agree that the issue had been satisfactorily resolved, or, at least, that enough progress had been made to go on with a new round of talks, it was widely feared that the P5+1 would not agree, the meetings would end, and a new Middle East crisis would...